Southern Creole Food? Yes Please!

In Review: Marques

Written by: Cy’Aira Parks

This southern-creole soul food restaurant located at 111 Cleveland Ave SW Canton, OH has been serving up the food, entertainment and hospitality for nearly 3 years.  Owner and operator Marques Harris can be seen mostly in the front of the house catering to his customers and making you feel at home with jokes and laughter.

Following his lead are his amazing bartenders; always smiling while mixing up some of your favorite drinks as well as some house specialties. The wait staff follow suit and are always very personable as they take care of you during your stay.

Always superb service but don’t get me started about their food! First Fridays, holiday buffets, such as Father’s and Mother’s Day, and even hosting the Sistahs of Soul Line Dance group, which is every First Friday of the summer. Marques also hosts events ranging from birthday parties to business meetings to graduation parties (I had my graduation party there). At said events, you can have Marques cater their delicious food; any and everything that they have. If not, guests can always order food from the kitchen at those events, or even do both.

Now to my favorite food at Marques…well I don’t really have a favorite because EVERYTHING that I have had there is good! Chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, greens, the pork chops, their sandwiches, chicken and waffles, potato salad (yes I have been there a lot, ok?). And there are still items on the menu that I have yet to try.

However, I must say, the best dessert that I have ever had, has been here at Marques. That dessert is their Sweet Potato Bark. You have not truly enjoyed Marques unless you have had this dessert! Every time I come in to eat, Marques always makes sure that I have my slice before I leave because he already knows!

Why are you even still reading this? Go there, NOW!

Check out their website too at



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