Canton man aims to end poaching in Africa

Written by: S’reane Parks

If it wasn’t for his passion for fashion and his love for these majestic wildlife creatures, Bryant O. Shelton’s dreams of starting his own company may have never come true.

IMG_1534Shelton’s life long love for elephants and love for fashion resulted in the creation of 3Capparell in 2011. The three C’s stand for Catchy Crafted Company. His intention behind the name was to create a catchy design crafted by himself.

Why elephants you ask? One of 3Capparell’s goals is to preserve the life of the elephant in its natural environment and to stop the slaughter of this creature so its parts won’t be sold on the black market. Shelton’s plan is to partner with a foundation in which 3% of all sales go to educating people about the slaughter of elephants every day in Africa.

Watch here as he explains how his idea to combine the two came to be.  

You might have seen his clothing at numerous First Friday events in downtown Canton this year as Shelton’s business is currently home grown as he matures his earnings. His apparel caters to men and women of all sizes offering casual wear such as tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies. He prides himself in keeping 3Capparell local as he continues to rally support behind him. As a Canton native himself, Shelton appreciates the grit, grind and hustle many residents here also possess.

His goals for five years from now are to make his brand global, spreading awareness to IMG_1537
keep elephants alive and free in Africa. As his company grows Shelton plans to hire a full staff and expand the apparel he offers to include hats and sweatpants. Shelton also wishes to give back to his community by starting a non-profit organization of his own in the near future.

“If you’re doing positive things in the community along with giving back everything else will take care of itself.”

Bryant Shelton is on a mission to promote awareness for animals that don’t have a voice.

You can also support his efforts by visiting


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