Son of Sherrie

Written by Raymond Hogsett

Meet Jèan Pierre Johnson, who many recognize as Jèan-P The MC and the hometown hero.


Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, this 26-year-old emcee has stirred up quite a musical following. Jèan attended McKinley High School and graduated with the class of 2008. Following his high school graduation, he continued his education at Ohio University studying creative writing. Athens Ohio holds a special place in his heart because it was there that he truly found himself, how to promote his sound and even began performing there too.

In 2011, Jèan returned to Canton to focus on his music.

He wrote his first rap when he was in the 8th grade at lehman middle school gaining appreciation from his teacher, Robin Parker. To this day, Robin remains a mentor to Jèan. She even told him when he was in middle school that when he gets his first royalty check, she wanted a copy of it.

His passion for music started when he was a young. His first encounter with music was gospel. Going to church every Sunday hearing the instruments and the choir made him truly appreciate the art.

After losing his mother at a young age to cancer and his father to homicide, he became much more involved and connected with his passion for music. They always told him to stay true to himself and to never forget where he came from. A lot of his musical drive came from his uncle Jerry Monroe, who got him into Hip-Hop by his own musical success and his mother, Sherrie Monroe who sang in a choir.


His inspiration branched from greats like Michael Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots and so many more artists. One of Jèan’s dreams is to able to perform Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing his music behind him for the entire world to enjoy.


In his spare time, Jèan enjoys writing, hanging out with his loved ones, and spreading positivity to the youth. He hopes to inspire the city that gave so much to him to follow their dreams, by seeing him succeed and work towards his in his hometown. When you listen to Jèan P the MC you fall into his deep story-telling his impactful beats, and feel true Hip hop. His latest project son of sherrie drops on 9.17.16. This album is filled with stories about his life upbringing love pain and great memories of his mother.

He is still paving his path into Ohio’s rap scene.


Stay tuned as he continues to grow and share his craft with the city of Canton and the world.



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