2017 Canton Film Festival

Mark your calendars for April 27th through April 29th .  The 2017 Canton Film Festival is here! Established in 2011, the Canton Film Festival aims to give a platform to independent film makers to showcase their talents. Hundreds of applicants submitted their work, but only a select few were chosen to be highlighted during this weekend affair. These independent films are symbolic of Midwestern film culture as many directors have Canton, or Northeast Ohio roots. However, there are directors from all over the country and the world represented as well. This event is made possible through cantonfilm.com in association with the Canton Palace Theatre.

A 1994 Ca15284951_10209796813370522_1743217711100727009_nnton McKinley graduate is responsible for bringing this event to life. James Waters, a filmmaker and graduate of Bowling Green State University, started with a simple idea of showcasing Canton natives and Ohioans talents. Many independent films typically have strong themes about culture, issues, lifestyles, or other culturally relevant material. James wanted to help directors express this and let their creativity flow into the world on the main stage. With the Canton Film Festival, the stage was set.

This festival is different than most as it allows the viewers to get more engaged with the filmmakers; direct access interviews, personal conversations, Q & A, and more.

So, mark your calendars! Starting April 27th, at 6:00 pm located at the Canton Palace Theatre, the Canton Film Festival is the event for you.

The official 2017 Canton Film Festival schedule is as follows:

Thursday, April 27

6:00pm                Doors Open

6:30pm                Stark Cool Picture Prize Submissions

7:30pm                Safety Net

Q&A Andrew Rudd

8:30pm                Romeo is Bleeding

Q&A Donte Clark

Friday, April 28

6:00pm                Doors Open

6:30pm                Documentary Category

7:30pm                Traficant

Q&A Eric Murphy

Saturday, April 29

12:30pm             Doors Open

1:00pm                Submission Block 1



2:00pm                KSU Discussion

2:30pm                Submission Block 2

Fictional Film

Music Video

4:30pm                The Long Road To the Hall of Fame

Q&A Janol “Mecca” Holmes

6:00pm                Sink or Swim

Q&A Michael Cameneti

6:30pm                The Seeker

Q&A Jeff Johnson

8:00pm                A More Civil War

Q&A Geoff Yaw