Two Kids. One Dream. Famewear

Fame. Its most common definition is related to wealth, status, and acclaim. It’s the notoriety of being a household name and highly sought after for looks, abilities, or intellect. Many Cantonians have even adopted the moniker of “Hall of Fame City” or “Fame City” to signify the historical significance of Canton, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame; a shrine of football prowess and greatness. However, two Canton products, Jordan Silovich and Ricky Drummond, have defined Fame in their own way.

19-year-old Jordan was raised on the Northeast side of Canton. Growing up, he always had a business mind and wanted to do more than just the norm.

“No one really does their own thing. Some people have the ideas and are creative, but won’t pursue them because of what other people think or because they’re only in Canton and people will never see them or they won’t go anywhere,” Jordan voiced. “Sports in Canton are the only thing people are halfway dedicated to.”

Jordan is currently attending the University of Akron and is studying business.

18-year-old Ricky was raised in Plain Local Township. As long as he can remember, he has always been interested in expressing himself and being creative. In his younger days, he focused on sports more than his artistic craft, but eventually realized that this wouldn’t allow him to reach his full potential and had to switch gears.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m going to do this or that, but people may not like it. The thing is though, that’s not how innovators think. Steve Jobs and people like him, they just go for it,” Ricky said. “You can’t worry about what other people think.”

Ricky is also attending the University of Akron and is studying design.

The two recall meeting in high school around their sophomore year. Their connection came from playing basketball. What started off as a casual rivalry on the nearest court they could find, turned into a blossoming friendship, becoming roommates, and now becoming business partners. When asked about each other the two gave strong compliments both ways.

“He [Ricky] is really creative. He’s one of those people who doesn’t care about what people think. Say its something that everyone hates, but he likes it, he’s going to do it his best and show everyone that he’s making it happen.” Jordan stated.

“Confidence. Jordan can talk to anyone! You really don’t understand. He can talk to someone and five minutes after he’ll know their whole life story.” Ricky stated.

About Famewear

“It started off as a theme for the city, but we expanded it so it can reach a bigger audience” Ricky stated.

Famewear is a clothing line first thought of in 2014. At the time, it was just an idea bounced around between the two. The original concept came from the “Hall of Fame City” slogan, but in an effort to deviate from the much-used title, they gave it a meaning of their own.

On certain shirts, you can find the phrase Fame Will Come. This plays into the theme of achieving greatness and pursuing your dreams. What Jordan and Ricky hope will come from Famewear is to inspire the younger generation.

The chemistry they share is special and is the reason they have gotten off to a solid start with their brand. However, they have had their fair share of struggles along the journey.

“A big part of being a young designer is getting your design across,” Ricky mentioned. “Getting the shirts, the proof had to be sent then resent five times to get it right. It took a long time.”

Starting off with your own business, most if not all the expenses fall on you, the owner’s lap. Between Jordan and Ricky, much of their own money was spent.

“You can’t be scared to spend your own money, you have to do it to make your money back” Ricky said. “It does cost a lot, but if you sell all your shirts at a price you set, you’ll end up making all of the money back.

They echoed the importance of being diverse and not just targeting one demographic. Their goal is to appeal to men and women from all walks of life.

“When you first start, it’s not really about making money” Jordan said. “People aren’t going to buy something they don’t even know of. You have to start somewhere, getting shirts out and having more people wear them.”

The shirts are the first within the Famewear line ready for purchase, but they intend to unveil new items such as hoodies, socks and hats in the near future.

What Jordan and Ricky hope will come from Famewear is a brand that can be a staple in Canton and a business that shows other kids with similar dreams, that it is possible to achieve greatness from here.

“We can be an innovative city, just like bigger cities,” Jordan said.

In the city of Canton, dreams can come alive. With the business savvy mind of Jordan and the creative, go-getter spirit of Ricky, the sky is the limit. And to think it all started as 2 kids with 1 dream: Famewear.


If interested in purchasing Famewear apparel, contact Jordan or Ricky directly on social media: Twitter-@_realricky, @jordansilo330 and Instagram-@jordansilo330, @_realricky_.


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