Ken Brunner-The Man, The Journey, The Principal

Ken Brunner is a man who wears many hats. He is a husband, a father, a son, an uncle, a teacher and a principal. His relentless work ethic and determination are what separates him from most individuals in the education profession. He has a passion to please, a zeal to learn, and a competitive spirit to never be outworked or outdone. According to him, however, he is a work in progress.

Through all the adversity faced in his life, Ken Brunner continues to fight on. The struggle, it is what defines us as human beings. It can make or break you. How you handle the pressure, that is where you find out how strong your will is. A struggling college student, turned military man, turned two-time college graduate (bachelors and masters) , turned principal of one of the top performing early college high school programs in the country, I would say Ken Brunner has become quite skillful in overcoming struggle.

When we say that TECHS is one of the top performing programs in the country, that is not a myth! The numbers back up this claim. From its inception, each of TECHS former principals has imparted a certain culture which has groomed the program into what it is now. When it was Ken Brunner’s turn to take the reigns, his main job was to keep the train rolling. He has imparted upon TECHS his own culture and style and as a result of all the subsequent knowledge passed down, you get the TECHS astounding numbers mentioned below.

Early College Academy and Early College High School students have the opportunity to do many community service projects. In this clip Ken Brunner discusses a few organizations they partner with.

The takeaway from the excerpts above are this, Ken Brunner is a phenomenal man who is still working to develop himself, but through his journey through life, he has been able to do quite a bit of good for the Canton community. The numbers for TECHS are phenomenal and justify the importance of a program such as this. The character of Ken Brunner is admirable and justify why he has been able to make such an impact.

Ken Brunner’s full interview can be viewed at


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