Arianna Berry

In Canton, it’s a common occurrence to hear of a child sports phenom that will one day change the landscape of the high school sports world and make the city relevant again by pushing for state championships. We have seen it throughout the history of our revered sports town. In the 80’s when McKinley won the first playoff era football state championship (81’) while also competing deep into the playoffs in basketball managing a state championship in 84’. In the 90’s when back to back football state championships and a national championship (97’,98’) were won and basketball stars wowed the city night in and night out. Not to forget the dominance of the Volleyball team who throughout the 80’s and 90’s were a state powerhouse and won multiple championships (83’, 87’, 91’) and runner ups (82’, 84’, 85’). Entering the 2000’s, basketball dominated the scene with back to back boy’s championships (05’, 06’). Girls basketball ended off the last championship at McKinley in 2010. We all knew the stars growing up that would lead these great teams to the promised land. The question is, however, who’s next? Who will be the next Mike Doss? Who will be the next Eric Snow? Who will be the next Ameryst Alston?


When trying to find that next star, you don’t have to look far. She stands in the form of a small, athletic, 8th grade multi-sport phenom named Arianna Berry.

Small but ferocious, that is a good way to describe Arianna. By stature she may be one of the smallest in the room, but her personality and ability quickly turn her into a giant. A force to be reckoned with on and off the court. Whether it be softball, track, or basketball, you can catch Arianna leading the way.

Her middle school basketball career over two years yields a 36-0 record with two federalleague championships.                                IMG_0371 (1)





In track as a 7th grader, she placed top 4 in the 100 and 200-meter dash in the federal league.

IMG_0368 (1)






In softball, her most recent team won a world series event in Myrtle Beach where she was named to the all-tournament team.


Not to forget the classroom, she boasts a 3.6 GPA and has made honor roll ever year at Lehman.


The true definition of “getting it done”. Next year she will be leading a new charge of stars heading into high school where the future looks ever bright. Miss Arianna Berry, a promising youth and most importantly, a kid of Canton.



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