Safety Net

Safety NetJerry Harris is about to lose his house. He’s a hard workin’ American, out of work for a year. He’s been trying everything but there’s only days left until the foreclosure process starts. His wife is pregnant with their first baby and they love this little house in this working class neighborhood.

How far would you go to save your house? To make things right for your family?

Jerry chases his last hope into an upscale neighborhood. He ends up somewhere he never dreamed, doing something he doesn’t want to.

Is there a safety net for Jerry? For any of us these days? Is there any way to recover the fading American Dream of homeownership?

Our team of filmmakers, actors, social activists and community agencies are working to make this short film about a part of the American Dream that has become increasingly difficult for many Americans to imagine — holding onto a home. 

About The Director – Andrew Rudd

Andrew Rudd completed his Ph.D. in Communication at Bowling Green State University. His academic training focused upon the intersection of culture, media and rhetoric. His current research and scholarly writing focuses upon the rhetoric of popular film. He is interested in community-based storytelling and has a passion for local film.



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