A More Civil War

A More Civil War

For four days in July 2016 the Republican National Convention convened in Cleveland, Ohio, bringing with it an estimated 50,000+ people including delegates, politicians, journalists, protestors and police. Amid growing security concerns, the secret service along with local authorities created an area dubbed “The Event Zone”– a city within the City of Cleveland inside which limited martial law applied.  Geoff Yaw, a Director at Cleveland’s Think Media Studios using multiple crews trains his lens on characters emblematic of America’s deepest divisions. The compressed time of the four days of the convention and the compressed place of the Event Zone were used as a space in which to create an intimate and authentic snapshot of this turbulent moment in American history.  The Trump phenomenon and America’s current and most controversial divides are explored as they attempt to make sense of this complicated moment in American history. But rather than providing answers to the problems of our nation, A More Civil War, instead paints a picture for the audience to confront on its own. The message of the film is borrowed from the words of a popular activist chant: This Is What Democracy Looks Like.

About The Director – Geoff Yaw

Geoff Yaw is a Senior Producer/ Director at Cleveland’s Think Media Studios. His first feature length documentary, KING ME, premiered at the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival. The success of KING ME was followed up by the PBS documentary, STAGING SUCCESS: The Playhouse Square Story, which garnered 2 Emmy Awards.



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