Contract Redemption

Contract Redemption

Contract Redemption

When the World’s deadliest hitman is outmaneuvered by his younger clone, he finds himself unable to protect the only two people he has ever cared for.  The Agency, deeming the hitman as a threat, sends a never-ending barrage of assassins led by his younger, more agile self to eliminate him.  Faced with this threat, the hitman must undertake the most serious mission of his career: to rescue a young girl from the Agency and from a life as an assassin.

The young, teenage girl is a victim of the agency’s genetic experimentation program designed to create perfect assassins.  Now back in agency hands thanks to his clone, the innocent girl is forced into a brutal assassin-indoctrination program.  If the hitman cannot find her in time, she risks being primed to become the agency’s new premiere contract killer.

Though our hitman has lost hope for his own redemption, he has found a sense of purpose in the rescue of the young girl.  Along his journey he realizes his clone is also a victim of the agency’s sins. He knows that he must save the girl from the life of a hitman and that to find redemption for himself, he must save his clone’s soul.

About The Director – Jeremy Andrew Davis

Jeremy Andrew Davis writes, directs, and produces films that serve to be a force of positive change in the world by blending contemporary issues into immersive, entertaining stories.

Jeremy’s films examine the human condition, exploring themes such as equality, disability, education, and faith, while critically portraying injustice. While this might imply that his films are heavy, these themes are instead subtle undercurrents running below the entertaining surface.

With a mission to be a force of positive change, Jeremy also is proud to serves as co-Vice President of the Canton Film Fest and as Producer of Flite Test.


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