Sink Or Swim

Sink or Swim

70,000 people worldwide have Cystic Fibrosis. Over 100 people die each year from the disease. While most choose to live life in solitude, there are some who choose to live every day like it’s their last regardless of the circumstances. This is Devin’s inspiring story of hope and survival.

About The Director – Michael Cameneti

Michael Cameneti is a Director/Editor from the Cleveland Ohio area. He has been making videos since he was 11 years old on his father’s Super8mm camera, and producing films professionally for the last 15 years. Michael has a knack for telling stories that resonate with an audience. From initial concept & story, to the final touches of sound & color…each and every frame bleeds with emotion. Michael started as a musician at a very young age, and also quickly perfected his skill as a cinematographer. Through the years he has found his true voice as a director, with an understanding & feel for all aspects of making movies. Whether it is a brand film, commercial, short film or feature film, Michael’s work stands out with a specific look and style that is sure to catch the audiences attention.


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