About Us


Canton360Live.com, what is it? We are an online based media outlet targeted towards the urban community in Canton.

 Our purpose is to provide a website that relays relevant information based on the latest topics, current trends, and most popular stories happening locally.

We differentiate ourselves from other media outlets because we focus on up-and-coming individuals, new businesses, hidden gems, and other positive movements happening in the inner city. By nature of the business, one primary goal is to highlight diversity. This is due to the fact that many people residing in this city and outsiders looking in don’t see the growth, power, and potential that we possess collectively.

We want to shed light on the many individuals doing amazing things that will indeed make a change in our city. We want our audience to see Canton is in fact a city worth living in. If there is a person worth mentioning, an event worth discussing, or a business that deserves exposure, we will give it the platform it needs.

Our goal is to ultimately change the negative perceptions into positive affirmations in the city of Canton, Ohio.

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Our Mission

“To keep the people of Canton up-to-date with the city of Canton”

Our Vision Statement

Someone once said that there is no point to help out something not worth saving in regards to the city. That was all the words needed to spark what you see now and the continuous efforts to change that perception.

By engaging millennials and the urban community, we hope to inspire others to travel the path of uplifting rather than degrading and get involved in making change in Canton.


Determination. Unity. Respect. Community. Loyalty