Message From the Founder

Coaching Pic  Founder~Skyler Parks

The purpose of this media outlet extends beyond simply running a business. My entire life has been centered around the city of Canton. I attended Worley Elementary School, Lehman Middle School, Canton McKinley Senior High School, and am a graduate of Walsh University. My family grew up here, their families grew up here, and when I come of age and have a family, I want them to grow up here as well. For too long there has been a negative connotation associated with this great city. Sure, we’re not perfect, but what city is? The wonderful people, the fantastic events, the extraordinary artists, and the amazing athletes of CANTON, they need to be heard, they need to be seen, they need to have a voice. We,, hope to give that voice. We hope to bring a new style to media outlets in the city and get more people engaged in all the positive things happening here. To my younger peers and to my older generation, we hope to be an outlet you can confide in and be proud of. We hope to be an outlet that can be trusted and longed for. We hope to be an outlet that resonates the heartbeat of the city. Finally, I, Skyler Parks, hope to be an individual that can make you say “I’m proud that he is a Canton guy!”


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