Our Minds Matter Urban Teen Summit

“Emotionally healthy sons become emotionally healthy fathers. Emotionally healthy sons become emotionally healthy husbands. Emotionally healthy sons become emotionally healthy leaders.”   These are the words of Jerome West, MAR, MRE, the program coordinator for the GRACE Initiative of CommQuest Services He is working toward a solution to destigmatize mental substance abuse in the African-American community and … Continue reading Our Minds Matter Urban Teen Summit


Arianna Berry

In Canton, it’s a common occurrence to hear of a child sports phenom that will one day change the landscape of the high school sports world and make the city relevant again by pushing for state championships. We have seen it throughout the history of our revered sports town. In the 80’s when McKinley won … Continue reading Arianna Berry

Ken Brunner-The Man, The Journey, The Principal

Ken Brunner is a man who wears many hats. He is a husband, a father, a son, an uncle, a teacher and a principal. His relentless work ethic and determination are what separates him from most individuals in the education profession. He has a passion to please, a zeal to learn, and a competitive spirit … Continue reading Ken Brunner-The Man, The Journey, The Principal

Two Kids. One Dream. Famewear

Fame. Its most common definition is related to wealth, status, and acclaim. It’s the notoriety of being a household name and highly sought after for looks, abilities, or intellect. Many Cantonians have even adopted the moniker of “Hall of Fame City” or “Fame City” to signify the historical significance of Canton, the home of the … Continue reading Two Kids. One Dream. Famewear

Channing Hawkins: The Humble Beast

by: Skyler Parks It is the spirit to vigorously pursue your goals and dreams while never putting yourself on a higher pedestal than others. It is moving away from home but never forgetting where you started. It is grinding all day, but still coming home to take care of your family with a smile on … Continue reading Channing Hawkins: The Humble Beast

Canton man aims to end poaching in Africa

Written by: S'reane Parks If it wasn't for his passion for fashion and his love for these majestic wildlife creatures, Bryant O. Shelton's dreams of starting his own company may have never come true. Shelton's life long love for elephants and love for fashion resulted in the creation of 3Capparell in 2011. The three C's … Continue reading Canton man aims to end poaching in Africa

Son of Sherrie

Written by Raymond Hogsett Meet Jèan Pierre Johnson, who many recognize as Jèan-P The MC and the hometown hero. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, this 26-year-old emcee has stirred up quite a musical following. Jèan attended McKinley High School and graduated with the class of 2008. Following his high school graduation, he continued his … Continue reading Son of Sherrie