A More Civil War

For four days in July 2016 the Republican National Convention convened in Cleveland, Ohio, bringing with it an estimated 50,000+ people including delegates, politicians, journalists, protestors and police. Amid growing security concerns, the secret service along with local authorities created an area dubbed “The Event Zone”– a city within the City of Cleveland inside which … Continue reading A More Civil War

The Seeker

A daughter's idyllic life is turned upside-down by immense tragedy. As she grows older, her cynicism and apathy towards her new reality is challenged by a reminder from the past that sets her on a pilgrimage that will define her. About The Director - Jeff Johnson Jeff is a director, editor, cinematographer, entrepreneur, and founder of … Continue reading The Seeker

Sink Or Swim

70,000 people worldwide have Cystic Fibrosis. Over 100 people die each year from the disease. While most choose to live life in solitude, there are some who choose to live every day like it's their last regardless of the circumstances. This is Devin's inspiring story of hope and survival. About The Director - Michael Cameneti Michael … Continue reading Sink Or Swim

The Long Road to the Hall of Fame

"The Long Road to the Hall of Fame" takes us on an entertaining journey with "The King" Brothers (Malik Farrakhan and Charles King) who are featured in the NFL Hall of Fame.  "The Long Road" documents the life and Evolution of Tony King (Malik Farrakhan) from the NFL to starring in  Major Hollywood Films (The Godfather, Sparkle, … Continue reading The Long Road to the Hall of Fame

Contract Redemption

Contract Redemption When the World’s deadliest hitman is outmaneuvered by his younger clone, he finds himself unable to protect the only two people he has ever cared for.  The Agency, deeming the hitman as a threat, sends a never-ending barrage of assassins led by his younger, more agile self to eliminate him.  Faced with this … Continue reading Contract Redemption

Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown

Jim Traficant was a legendary quarterback turned mob busting Walking Tall Sheriff who rose to power on a platform of “honesty in politics”. He quickly ascended to the hallowed halls of Congress, becoming its most outspoken member. "Jimbo" as his die-hard supporters called him, was known for his polyester thrift store suits, shock top wigs, … Continue reading Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown

Romeo is Bleeding

A fatal turf war between neighborhoods haunts the city of Richmond, CA. Donté Clark transcends the violence in his hometown by writing poetry about his experiences. Using his voice to inspire those around him, he and the like-minded youth of the city mount an urban adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with the hope of … Continue reading Romeo is Bleeding